City's First eMotorsports Hong Kong Challenge, authorized by Hong Kong Automobile Association (HKAA), will make its debut in September this year and the opening round of online competition is currently underway! The competition aims to revolutionize the community's viewing of motor-racing, welcoming the public to take part in the eRace for free. Students, esports enthusiasts, amateurs and professional drivers, can all come along to vie for glory , and learn from each other through the car simulation software, enhancing their reaction time and techniques required for real car racing, as well gaining a deeper understanding of the sport itself.

The organizer launches the opening round online in September. Anyone who owns this racing software can participate in the free competition. The 50 best players in the opening round will move into the second qualifying round at the ProRacing Simulation & Training Center in late September. The top 20 players will then be selected to participate in a series of 3 races, starting from October to December, vying to become the first eMotorsports Hong Kong Challenge Champion. Furthermore, from a prize pool of HK$300,000 each participating driver can earn HK$300 for each championship point they acquired from the races and receive the stunning prizes.

Aiming to provide a level and fair playing field for all drivers,the competition is subjected to the rules in accordance with the International Motorsports Regulations, and professional referees will be present in each race.

The stunning drivers will also have the opportunity to participate in test drivers offered by different racing teams, including Formula cars and Touring cars.

For details of the competition and qualifications, please refer to the official website: Join the competition and pursue your dreams now!